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Who was Joseph L. Earley, Jr.? He was born to Joseph L. Earley, Sr. and Gloria J. Earley on January 11, 1967, in Massillon, Ohio. Joe was the brother to Brian Earley, Heather Jordan, Jennifer Smith, Lisa Earley, Racina Burke and the father to John Adkins, Aaliyah and Jeremiah Earley. Joseph was “Uncle Joe” to his 10 nieces and nephews. He was affectionately called “Ario” by many of his friends. Joe was a 1985 graduate of McKinley High School in Canton, Ohio.  He attended Mansfield Business College and Buff State. The majority of his adult life was spent in New York. While living in Niagara Falls, N.Y., Joe and a friend established a mentoring program for local youth to get them off the streets.  They obtained a building and provided a safe place for youth to gather.  The teens were able to study and receive assistance as well as recreational activities such as learning to shoot pool, play chess and other games.  He quickly gained support from city officials who bought into the vision.  Joe had a passion for mentoring and helping those less fortunate.  He believed that knowledge was power and the key to success. Joseph L. Earley, Jr. was a dedicated, hard worker.  He was an entrepreneur, comedian, and a true trail blazer.  Joe owned and operated five different clothing stores as well as a restaurant and performed standup comedy.  He trained teenagers in salesmanship.  Joe taught them how to organize a store, and work the retail business, letting them know that one day they could also own their own business.  He enjoyed teaching youth and provoking them to think critically and come up with answers and solutions. Joseph was extremely intelligent.  He wanted the best education for his children, and longed for the same for children who were victims of societal woes falling into the “less fortunate” category. As you can see, Joseph was an awesome person. He cared deeply for others. Joe was a giver! Through Joe’s dreams, the Foundation was established to reach out particularly to children from single parent homes.  The mentorship program will instill values and the desire to obtain education and training beyond high school.  On an annual basis, the scholarship program will award a high school graduating student (or students) a scholarship to pursue post-secondary education. ■ 

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

Our Mission

Our Mission

 The Foundation will provide an avenue to mentor young men and women from single parent homes.  The Foundation will build strong futures for these young people through establishing healthy value systems.  It is the goal of the Foundation to decrease gang activity, violence, drugs, bullying and teen pregnancies.  
The Foundation will provide annual scholarship benefits to those students who qualify and meet the criterion of the Foundation’s guidelines.  


Our Vision

“It is the goal of the Foundation to  decrease gang  activity, violence, drugs, bullying and teen  pregnancies.”

- Joseph Earley Sr. and Gloria Earley 

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